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Mission Statement

    Our mission is to bring the Australian art scene into focus on the internet. There are so many talented Australian artists that nobody has ever heard of,  and there are many art centres that bring a lot off this local talent together, yet they lack the exposure that they deserve, the exposure that brings recognition and merit on the global art scene. Oz Art Focus has been on the drawing board for sometime, as myself and few artists friends have been charting this new waters, then we decided to go ahead and put this website together. Of course there are few home-pages and websites that are owned by individuals, but that is akin to putting a mark on a tree in a forest, sometimes a wonderer will stumble on that tree by a happy accident or otherwise, but mostly nobody will ever know that it has existed ! To build a strong and pronounced presence for the Australian arts on the net, we must consolidate our efforts, unify our artistic resources and work as a team, to put our mark on the net's art scene.


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