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Legal Notices

By using you agree to and accept all the terms, rules and conditions contained herein,as amended, however explicit or implied according to the Law. 

Part A: Terms and Conditions

1. OZ Artfocus reserves the right to change it's terms and conditions without notice. Such change will take effect as soon it is posted on the web, ie this document.

2. OZ Artfocus reserves the right to accept or reject any material for publication on this website and will exercise such right at it's absolute and  sole discretion.

3. OZ Artfocus offers it's services on as is basis, without any warranties expressed or implied, and all clients and users of this website shall hold OZ Artfocus and it's employees harmless at Law at anytime and in all regards.

4. OZ Artfocus does not provide any opinion in regard to authenticity of art works exhibited on this website nor it's suitability or unsuitability for any purpose and does not warrant any state or condition of these artworks.We also do not endorse, support, agree with, or warrant the correctness or truthfulness of any claim made by the person contracted to exhibit such artworks on this system. We also don't offer any appraisal or any opinion as to the artistic value of such artworks. 

5. By submitting photos of artworks or files on media to OZ Artfocus you consent to the posting and exhibiting of such material on this website, this might also include scanning, photographing or photocopying. Any instruction to the contrary must be communicated to us in writing. Please supply a stamped self addressed envelope if you want them back.



All material stored on this server is subject to copyright protection laws. Images are copyrighted to the respective artists, text and other components that make the website, are copyrighted to OZ Artfocus. No part thereof shall be produced, stored on other servers, mirrored, copied, altered or manipulated in any way, shape or form without the explicit written permission of the copyright owner. OZ Artfocus however,Can not accept any liability and shall not be held legally responsible in any manner, for any copyright infringements by a third-party. 


Part C: Disclaimer

OZ Artfocus offers it's services on as is basis, without any warranties expressed or implied. All and each user of the system shall hold OZ Artfocus, it's owners and management, harmless in all regards and at all times. The entire risk as to performance or otherwise lies entirely with the users. OZ Artfocus shall not be liable for incompatibility with users software, hardware, hardware failure or malfunction, lost or corrupted data, software anomalies including but not limited to, software viruses that could be transmitted through the internet, illegal hacking of the system, Trojan horses or any similar damaging activities. The users will bear the entire responsibility and cost of all necessary service, repair, correction and rectification of any and all of such problems. By using this system, also named the website, the site, OZ Artfocus and all and each user agrees to and accepts all these terms and conditions including but not limited to all other parts of this document as amended.    



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