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Checkout these great membership deals...
you're sure to find a deal that will suit your requirements !

Are you an artist on a budget???

Checkout our NEW website for the most economical offer!



Full Membership

This is a Full and comprehensive yearly membership that will include your own website / gallery within the  Oz Art focus website and will cover everything you need such as scanning or photographing your artwork (24 works), set-up, links to your E-mail address (if you have one ), personal data, search engines, updating pages through the year...etc., OZ bazaar listing, and  (wait for it...... )      
a  free membership   in the Australian artists now website  www.australianartistsnow.net 
And....there is  more!
>>> A youtube video of your art,  also your facebook pages are all  included in the deal!! <<<<

Still, there is even more >>>  A free micro-website on the Australian Artists directory website!

All this for  for $1.00 per day + GST!! " that is A$360.00 + GST " that is $396.00, now that is a sweet deal!!

Remember this is a triple membership and there is
on any sales that you may make through our website!


Associate membership

This is scaled down yearly membership that will establish your presence on the web for a very little cost. you will be included on our prominent website with and in the company of the select circle of artists. This will include your profile page with 15 images and all your associated info with few updates and as usual will cover all scanning etc.. 
This service costs $180.00 inclusive the GST, a very economical way to have a membership. Recommended for emerging and young artists.

 Remember there is NO COMMISSION on any sales that you may make through our website! 


Basic membership

This is a very affordable option for the artist who needs to establish a web presence without having to outlay lot of money. A comprehensive listing with all info etc.. condensed to cover all the necessary info with links and email  and 12 images.
You can't go wrong with that, it is only a mere 27 cents a day!!!

Take action today

Remember there is NO COMMISSION on any sales that you may make through our website! 

Casual / Global Advertising

This is the OZ ART BAZAAR service where everyone can advertise art for sale!
It is simple, affordable and effective. It doesn't cost much at all to list your for sale art on our OZ ART BAZAAR  for full six months for the little cost of A$7.50 per artwork + 10% commission, when sold.
This service is available for all, and you don't have to be an artist, anyone desiring to sell an artwork no matter what, or where it is located, can do so on our website. Inclusive all scanning, linking and the suchlike.
                  This service is great, and has no strings attached, so why not try it today!

 If you need more information, or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact

 The Art Curator at Oz-Art Focus, please Click to 
email Us 


WWW oz-artfocus.com


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we are the Australian arts and Australian artists website in the land of oz. We are the oldest australian artists and arts in Australia. we have been continuously on the web for TEN years now.  we are aiming to be the showcase for Australian arts, Australian artists down under. you can market your Australian art with us for less than one dollar per day. we offer a place for all visual arts be it painting, sculpture, photography or ceramics. reach the world from oz, it is Australian for Australian artists and Australian arts, why not join us today?