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I assume you are a successful, full time, professional artist. However, you need professional nourishment of an intellectual kind, as well as helpful information.

In addition, in the present economic circumstances you'll need to exhibit your work yourself (at least from time to time). Many artists cannot find a gallery to show their work, or sufficient galleries to show and sell their work for them to make a reasonable living. You cannot just accept this situation. You must do something to (at least) supplement your gallery or art show income. If you do things for yourself well enough, then you are freed from reliance on other sources of funds and can look on them as a bonus.

Increasingly artists are going to have to sell their own work, You can no longer rely on opportunities in galleries and with other people, for there's just not enough of them. You must take the tough professional route. Many artists really don't have much choice; they must do it themselves! They'll need new skills, and develop a new level of professionalism as a result.

If you are successful you'll be able to deal with galleries and negotiate arrangements that suit you and thus expand your outlets. You'll also know how best to help your galleries sell your work in the manner that you consider most appropriate.

As you'll probably already know, it's not artistic skills that decide success. Someone without these shouldn't even be trying to make a professional career. But many artists do have those and are still not successful. It's because they have no understanding of success and the attitude that is necessary. Professionalism is required for success in any field, including that of an artist.

Best of luck with your professional career.

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