Kevan Henry Hardacre

Australian wildlife & Heritage Artist


Kevan Henry Hardacre is a naturalistic artist!

He paints the creation about him in an inspired, naturalistic style and always with vitality!

"No longer should we try to be un-natural because we all live in the environment of a natural world. We must become vitally natural, and pursue sensitivity. We must support natural creativity... or fail totally.

"Through art we can learn to love the natural Earth again, and find meaning and redemption in the great LIFE FORCE ". With such inspiration he presents his original artworks and in more practical, egalitarian ways he offers many signed, Collectors' reproductions of his work on canvas or water-colour paper. All at very accessible prices.

Kevan Henry left school early to learn from life and he is now listed as an author and artist in important libraries and art galleries in Australia.

His originals and ArtGift Images or Re-Images (as he calls them) sell in Australia and overseas and he happily deals with "the Whole Earth's people", as he calls the concerned citizens of the Earth.

Phone, or write to him for he has many inspired and inspiring, authentic and beautiful paintings and signed Re-Images available. He will happily attend to suitable commissions. It's easy to Communicate with Kevan.



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